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Knee Injections for Pain Relief

Stiff Knees in the morning?

Our pain specialists can determine and treat the root cause of knee pain and can provide you with new treatments.

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Why do you have knee pain?

Some of the leading causes of knee pain can be caused by certain types of arthritis, namely “Osteoarthritis,” sports injuries, auto accidents and work injuries, and mechanical problems. Our team of surgeons and pain specialists are confident in diagnosing the root cause of the pain and treating the knee injury and/or arthritic joint pain with our successful knee pain treatment program. If the level of injury is too significant, we will consider surgical consultation to give all of the appropriate options.

Let’s start with Arthritis, namely osteoarthritis of the kneed as it is a common reason why patient seeks out our specialists to treat their pain. Many patients have suffered from the pain and are wanting to avoid for as long as possible a TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT OR PARTIAL KNEE REPLACEMENT. It’s important for all our patients to be aware of the different treatments that we can provide.

What if you have Referred Knee Pain and where could the pain be coming from?

Referred knee pain may be the result of a herniated disc in the back, arthritis in the hip or even clots in the leg. It is important to distinguish pain that arises from knee pathology from other potential causes.

Referred pain may also coexist with a problem in the knee. A pinched nerve for example may result in pain behind the knee and a torn piece of cartilage inside may cause pain in the front of the knee. These two problems together can lead to pain that is felt all over the knee.

Our Pain Specialists accurately diagnose the cause of knee pain everyday and help our patients best determine the options appropriate to treat their pain.

We have answers and options to relieve pain from Herniated Discs, Disc Bulges, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Pinched Nerve, Annular Disc Tear, Degenerative Disc disease, Spondylosis/Spine Arthritis, Radiculopathy, Bone Spurs/Osteophytes and Facet Joint Syndrome.

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Pain presents itself in many different ways, at different times and in many cases is triggered by specific activities. Arizona Pain Treatment Centers will be happy to answer your questions in conjunction with a personal phone call follow up with one of our doctors. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible.

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Is Surgery Right For Me?

Before heading in for surgery or just living with the pain, our knee pain relief and arthritis program may be the perfect solution. Our program offers the use of a safe and all-natural *joint lubricant, often referred to as *Synvisc®, *Hyalgan®, and *Orthovisc®.

The process of injecting the lubricant is called viscosupplementation and it acts as a shock absorber or “joint oil”. The natural substance is hyaluronic acid, which contains one of the natural building blocks of the synovial fluid that lubricates your knee. The lubricant is injected safely and carefully into the joint by way of ultra-sound guided imaging. Our team utilized this technology to accurately inject the *Synvisc®, *Hyalgan®, or *Orthovisc® to achieve the best results.

This treatment is also very effective for sports injuries and for athletes that love to run, bike, hike or participate in any sports that put stress on the knees. The visit for the procedure takes less than 30 minutes and there is no downtime after the injection. The injections can also be repeated for maximum pain relief and comfort depending on the condition of the knee.

*Synvisc®, *Hyalgan®, or *Orthovisc® is covered by most insurance companies and we are happy to check your insurance benefits for you before your new patient appointment!

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